Does Honey Help With Constipation?

Constipation or irritable bowel syndrome, the pesky interlopers that stealthily creep into our lives, can disrupt our daily rhythm and leave us yearning for escape. It limits beneficial bacteria like Bacteroids and induces overgrowth of terrible bacteria.
While various remedies are available, many seek natural alternatives to alleviate this common problem. Among the potential solutions, honey has emerged as a sweet and intriguing option for constipation relief.
This article will explore what food group is honey …


The Harmful Effects of E-Cigarettes

In a previous survey, the US has reported that around 4.4% of adults use Bargain E-Juice. However, even though these have been sold in the US for about a decade, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to systemically review their impact on lung health.  In the meantime, the evolving evidence brought on by vaping has raised concerns among the experts in the American Lung Association. So, what exactly are the harmful effects of e-cigarettes, particularly on the lungs? Let’s find out.
Dangerous Chemicals May Lead to Irreversible Damage
A 2018 consensus study report released by the …

Weight Loss

Lemon and Honey: It Can Help for Losing Weight

One essential basic need that every living being must have to survive is water. It is a fact that anyone can survive without eating food for three straight weeks. But a living being will not survive if water is not taken for three days.
Thus, it is crucial to understand the benefits and importance of water. Water has many benefits for all living organisms. Some of these are as follows: it aids in detoxifying the body, regulating the temperature of the body, and helps in weight loss as it boosts the body’s metabolism.
Nowadays, many drinks promote fat and weight loss. One popular drink is lemon and honey water mix. Lemon and…

Weight Loss

Include Ash Gourd In Your Intake: It Can Aid in Losing Weight

Ash gourd is one of the foods that you should eat if you want to lose weight. This vegetable consists of 96% water, protein, carbs, and it also has fewer calories.
In addition, it is known to have loads of fiber, and it is incorporated with essential nutrients that a human body needs daily.
These components are the reason why it is ideal for weight loss. This vegetable is an exclusive ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese.
Ash gourd’s nutritional value
As mentioned, this vegetable is mostly fiber and water. However, it only contains small amounts of other nutrients.
Other nutrients …


Effects of Overeating Sugar To One’s Body

Experts have nearly come up with findings regarding the cellular mechanism and its link between metabolic disease and increased sugar consumption. Ideally, the human body needs sugar to survive. However, an increase in consumption harms one’s health.
Too much consumption can lead to diseases such as hypertension, heart diseases, fatty liver, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases. But the question is, how overconsumption of sugar can lead to metabolic diseases cellularly could be complicated among researchers.
A recent study has recommended that excess sugar may cause cellular production called mitochondria. Excess glucose …


Vitamin D Supplements Has No Beneficial Effect on Kidney Function to Patients in Pre-diabetes Stage

The common cause of kidney problems is type 2 diabetes. Low vitamin levels in blood pose a higher risk of various diseases such as kidney disease and type 2 diabetes. So, could consuming vitamin D supplements aid in protecting the kidney of patients with pre-diabetes?
According to a clinical trial, vitamin D supplement consumption has no beneficial effect on the kidneys of patients with pre-diabetes. But it was noted that the excellent effect of vitamin D is much greater on people with low vitamin D levels or poor kidney function.
Vitamin D Supplementation: Who Will Benefit?
A study was conducted to assess the …


Patients with COVID-19 Can Develop Diabetes: What is Next?

As experts confirmed, the eternal battle with the coronavirus is what everybody’s fighting, along with other complications such as diabetes that Covid patients can develop.
It’s been over one year since the world has been battling against coronavirus, and with all the rising cases and mortality rates, it seems that the virus will linger a bit longer. And now the problem is about the virus and other chronic medical conditions caused by Covid-19.
According to experts, the most concerning trend is that most recovered patients and those diagnosed with diabetes had no past medical history before contracting the virus.


To Increase Restrictions and Penalties by the National Hockey League for Players Who are Not Yet Vaccinated

The forthcoming hockey season will be under the new Covid-19 rules, where the NHL will urge stricter restrictions and penalties on players who are not vaccinated.
Furthermore, unvaccinated players who cannot join in club activities, like unable to travel because of regulations imposed by the government or contracting the virus, are deemed for suspension by their respective teams, as reported by ESPN.
Moreover, unvaccinated players will be penalized for their one day pay whenever they can’t join the team’s activity. However, players with medical conditions or cite religious practices are exempted from the new policy.


Walking Everyday Is a Good Exercise For a Longer Life

A 43-year old lady confessed that since April 2019, she has lost 15 pounds and felt terrific ever since. To achieve her fitness goals, she’s doing 10,000 steps every day with her Apple watch and purchased a treadmill to stay active during the quarantine period. She said walking saved her sanity and restored her body.
Based on studies, taking steps every day can add years to one’s life. Individuals who walk about 7,000 steps per day have a 50 to 70 percent chance of death from any causes after several years, compared to individuals who only take fewer steps per day. These results were conducted for white and black middle-aged …

COVID-19 News

A Booster Shot Data for Covid-19 from Moderna was Submitted to FDA for Authorization

Moderna passed a data of booster shot to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to get an authorization for Covid vaccine third shot before its official release on September 20th.
September 20, 2021, is the official date pinned by the White House to release booster shots. Thus, Moderna is searching authorization to FDA before the said date. Through its booster or third shot, it can forward people into an optimal antibody level than receiving only two shots, even though the immunity disappears in six months for participants in the trial.
The U.S. health officials are putting their hopes high for the booster shot to give …