Patients with COVID-19 Can Develop Diabetes: What is Next?

Patients with COVID-19 Can Develop Diabetes: What is Next?

As experts confirmed, the eternal battle with the coronavirus is what everybody’s fighting, along with other complications such as diabetes that Covid patients can develop.

It’s been over one year since the world has been battling against coronavirus, and with all the rising cases and mortality rates, it seems that the virus will linger a bit longer. And now the problem is about the virus and other chronic medical conditions caused by Covid-19.

According to experts, the most concerning trend is that most recovered patients and those diagnosed with diabetes had no past medical history before contracting the virus.

At present, India is known to be the center of diabetes, and this complication came out at the moment when the active cases of Covid-19 are continuously rising each day. But the question is, how does coronavirus link to diabetes?

There are facts to find out the connection between the two, but there are no other theories to prove how and why the diseases are related.

The Real Deal with Diabetes Post Covid

One of the listed comorbidities is diabetes, and people with such disease prioritize getting the vaccine for Covid-19, which was distributed on March 1, 2021. However, it became a part of common disease among patients with Covid-19 as well. Here’s how it happened:

  • After getting infected with the virus, the initial thing that happens has a low immune system. The virus attacks your vital organs, such as your pancreas, which can lead to insulin disturbance.
  • It may also damage the surrounding cells in your intestines which have a role in breaking down glucose.

One medication used is steroids. According to experts, taking this type of drug can increase blood sugar, increasing a patient’s risk for diabetes.

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