COVID-19 News

A New Covid Scare: Girl, Four-year-old, Contracted Coronavirus in Queensland

A new outbreak from Queensland where a girl aged four has contracted Coronavirus from a truck driver who is also positive of Covid-19.
The 46-year-old truck driver from Logan is infected with the virus and has close contact with a four-year-old girl. This news prompted an outbreak in Sunshine State earlier this week.
On Friday afternoon, the girl’s result returned positive, and no new cases were reported after that. The staff and visitors of The Boulevard Early Learning Centre at Mt.
Warren, where the girl attends her school and other children, have insisted on being home quarantined for fourteen days and …

Weight Loss

Diet plan: How to Keep Away from Snacking During Lockdown

Losing weight is one of the main goals of the majority while on lockdown.
How to stay away from snacking?
One major downfall in losing weight is snacking. It is worse during lockdown when you are stuck inside in one place, with snacks just within reach. But this habit can be manageable to lessen your snacking periods.
The diet plan set by the NHS and Second Nature is to establish a guideline to restrain from cravings. According to nutritionists, one helpful tool to get your mind away from snacking is a distraction.
For instance, if you feel bored and have the urge to eat unhealthy foods, you may do crossword …

COVID-19 News

The Economy Stays Strong and Durable as Insisted by Joe Despite of Disappointing Jobs Report

In August, the hiring in the U.S. job market became slow; a significant drop-off happened after two months of dealing with the Delta variant of Covid-19. U.S.
President Joe Biden said that the situation means good news. He stated that he could view a positive outcome on the recovery of the economy that is strong and durable. With the help of the Biden plan, results are promising.
On Friday, the Labor Department stated that the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.2%, but the job market has failed significantly by not meeting the predicted expectations. Dow Jones, an economist, surveyed 720,000 new jobs.
President Biden …


After Twenty Two Years, the Responders of 9/11 Still Suffering the Price

Research came out from Cowan University regarding the continuous suffering of the 9/11 responders after 20 years. Many of them are currently facing serious health issues about the event.
At that time, there were over 91,000 responders exposed to various hazards during clean-up operations and recovery, with around 80,785 enrolling in the health program of World Trade Center, which was structured after the 9/11 attack.
Erin Smith, an Associate Professor at ECU and an expert in emergency and disaster response, showed her analysis of the health program participants and revealed that 3,439 are deceased, far greater than the number…