Walking Everyday Is a Good Exercise For a Longer Life

Walking Everyday Is a Good Exercise For a Longer Life

A 43-year old lady confessed that since April 2019, she has lost 15 pounds and felt terrific ever since. To achieve her fitness goals, she’s doing 10,000 steps every day with her Apple watch and purchased a treadmill to stay active during the quarantine period. She said walking saved her sanity and restored her body.

Based on studies, taking steps every day can add years to one’s life. Individuals who walk about 7,000 steps per day have a 50 to 70 percent chance of death from any causes after several years, compared to individuals who only take fewer steps per day. These results were conducted for white and black middle-aged women and men.

In addition, the study showed that quicker steps didn’t mean that you could have better results. Hence, the count of steps per minute or step intensity didn’t influence any risk of dying. The study that appeared in a journal on September 3 stated that a counting device for steps could be a helpful tool for promoting and monitoring activity in public.

Moreover, it was also mentioned that doing 7,000 steps each day can benefit most people who can’t achieve this number of steps. It was also found that achieving a higher number of steps each day was related to a lower risk of death until they reached 10,000 steps each day.

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