"[The HC Link consultant] had a wonderful way of pulling together the bigger community picture and then simplifying the task at hand."


HC Link works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across Ontario.

We offer consulting services, learning and networking events, and resources in both English and French. Our services are funded by the Government of Ontario and are provided free of charge where possible.

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This resource offers a simple, clear guide to strategic planning for community groups, coalitions and small non-profit organizations.

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Smile and Say Hello: You Belong - Oxford County’s Story

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Dave Meslin talks about advocacy and what we can do to influence change.

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David Courtemanche talks about what makes for effective advocacy and how policy change can impact health promotion.

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This resource presents a brief introduction to participatory evaluation and how to begin, as well as three simple evaluation techniques that can be used.

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