"[The HC Link consultant] had a wonderful way of pulling together the bigger community picture and then simplifying the task at hand."

Welcome to HC Link's Refreshed Website!

HC Link works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across Ontario.

We offer consulting services, learning and networking events, and resources in both English and French. Our services are funded by the Government of Ontario and are provided free of charge where possible.

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HC Link supports provincial legal aid clinic - ARCH Disability Law Center's community outreach efforts.

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HC Link invites you to join us on November 12 &13, 2015 to learn and share strategies to build healthy communities.

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In March 2013, local stakeholders gathered in Barrie for a full-day workshop. The goal was community action to increase local food security.

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This short resource introduces Ontario’s Healthy Kids Strategy and provides highlights and handy links from HC Link’s three-part webinar series on the Strategy.

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Our policy learning community has moved to a new online platform with many new features and benefits.

Watch this video to learn more about us!


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HC_Link Free learnings events! Increasing the capacity to offer care to Francophones-http://t.co/LhB43T3B0F #ONfr #LHIN @Health_Nexus
HC_Link Free learnings events! - Increasing the capacity to offer culturally sensitive care to http://t.co/eF6iaUnYlx #ONfr #LHIN @Health_Nexus