The Harmful Effects of E-Cigarettes

In a previous survey, the US has reported that around 4.4% of adults use Bargain E-Juice. However, even though these have been sold in the US for about a decade, the Food and Drug Administration is yet to systemically review their impact on lung health.  In the meantime, the evolving evidence brought on by vaping has raised concerns among the experts in the American Lung Association. So, what exactly are the harmful effects of e-cigarettes, particularly on the lungs? Let’s find out.
Dangerous Chemicals May Lead to Irreversible Damage
A 2018 consensus study report released by the …

Weight Loss

Lemon and Honey: It Can Help for Losing Weight

One essential basic need that every living being must have to survive is water. It is a fact that anyone can survive without eating food for three straight weeks. But a living being will not survive if water is not taken for three days.
Thus, it is crucial to understand the benefits and importance of water. Water has many benefits for all living organisms. Some of these are as follows: it aids in detoxifying the body, regulating the temperature of the body, and helps in weight loss as it boosts the body’s metabolism.
Nowadays, many drinks promote fat and weight loss. One popular drink is lemon and honey water mix. Lemon and…

Weight Loss

Include Ash Gourd In Your Intake: It Can Aid in Losing Weight

Ash gourd is one of the foods that you should eat if you want to lose weight. This vegetable consists of 96% water, protein, carbs, and it also has fewer calories.
In addition, it is known to have loads of fiber, and it is incorporated with essential nutrients that a human body needs daily.
These components are the reason why it is ideal for weight loss. This vegetable is an exclusive ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese.
Ash gourd’s nutritional value
As mentioned, this vegetable is mostly fiber and water. However, it only contains small amounts of other nutrients.
Other nutrients …