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HC Link Digest PLUS - Community Transportation - A round-up of resources and information related to community transportation (Feb 2017).


Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions Webinar Series

HC Link, Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition & Rural Ontario Institute | 2014

The webinar series presents models of collaborative rural transportation solutions and stories of success.

P1: Framing the issues, identifying the challenges & exploring the opportunities
P2: Importance of partnerships & collaborations to establishing rural transportation initiatives
P3: Garnering support from municipal representatives & community members


Webinar: Engaging Rural Communities

HC Link | 2012

This webinar - the second in a series of four webinars on community engagement - provides an overview of theory, best practices, tools and resources for effectively engaging rural communities. The webinar focuses mainly on challenges particular to rural communities, and strategies for overcoming these challenges. Guest speakers share success stories and lessons learned through their work in rural communities.


Other Resources & Documents


Moving Ahead on Rural & Community Transportation

OHCC, ROI, HC Link & Routes Connecting Communities | 2016

Video coverage of the forum Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, Rural Ontario Institute, HC Link and Routes Connecting Communities hosted in March 2016 for rural and community transportation stakeholders to share experiences and lessons learned, and help support peer-to-peer networking.


What Works? Strategies to Improve Rural Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin | 2016

The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program helps communities identify and implement solutions that make it easier for people to be healthy in their neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. The 2016 report includes an in-depth examination of the differences in health between rural and urban counties and outlines key steps toward building healthy communities—rural, urban, and anywhere in between—along with some specific policies and programs that can improve health.




Healthy Rural Communities Tool Kit — A Guide for Rural Municipalities

Locally Driven Collaboration Project, funded by Public Health Ontario | 2015

This tool kit identifies land use and development strategies that can help to enhance the rural built environment and contribute to positive quality of life and health outcomes. Numerous examples and innovative practices from across the province are profiled.




Evolving the Competitive Edge: Rural Community Engagement

Economic Developers Council of Ontario | 2015

This report presents unique barriers, successes, and tools for community engagement in rural communities and two case studies of successful rural community engagement initiatives. It summarizes the key findings and outcomes produced at a session EDCO’s 2015 conference, co-hosted by the Rural Ontario Institute and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.


The Rural & Northern Lens, & A Voice for Rural & Northern Ontario

Rural Ontario Municipal Association | 2015

The Lens was developed to raise awareness of rural and northern issues across provincial government organizations, by asking ministries to assess the effect of new policies, programs and services on Ontarians living in rural and northern areas. It has a list of questions for the government to use as a way to measure the effectiveness of its programs. The questions address each phase of the development of policy and program initiatives: considerations; delivery options; communications; and measuring and reporting.




Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions: Ten Community Case Studies from Ontario

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition & the Rural Ontario Institute | 2014

A series of ten case studies to answer the question “How can an effective, sustainable transportation system be created to serve a rural community?” The transportation initiatives studied included a diverse mix of locations, community forms and types of initiatives within Ontario.




Towards Coordinated Rural Transportation: A Resource Document

Rural Ontario Institute & the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition | 2014

User-friendly resource for assessing and identifying opportunities to collaborate and develop a coordinated transportation model.


Huron County Healthy Rural Policy Lens

Huron County & Sustainable Huron | 2014

Huron County Healthy Rural Policy Lens is a policy analysis and planning framework assists decision-makers to consider the rural health impacts of programs, services and policy decisions. As with any lens, it helps the user gain perspective of their situation. The worksheet is comprised of three parts: indicators for success; questions to help consider other important factors such as time, money and long term impact; and a diagram that captures the results of an assessment of whether the program or policy would have a positive, neutral or negative impact.




Focus on Rural Ontario

Rural Ontario Institute

ROI produces a series of annual fact sheets providing socio-economic data (from Statistics Canada) and trends for rural Ontario geographies.





Rural Ontario Institute

Established in 2010, the Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) was created through the amalgamation of The Centre for Rural Leadership and The Ontario Rural Council. ROI delivers programs that develop strong leaders who are critical voices around opportunities and key issues facing rural and northern Ontario. ROI’s website features resources and reports on issues affected rural communities.


Measuring Rural Community Vitality

The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) is leading this applied research and analysis initiative focused on deepening understanding of effective practices for quantifying rural civic engagement, social capital and community well-being. The initiative includes seven research and knowledge transfer projects grouped under three themes:

  • Rural Municipal Leadership – Succession Planning

  • Showcasing Effective Measurement Approaches

  • Rural Quality of life and Community Well-being

Ontario Community Transportation Network

The Ontario Community Transportation Network (OCTN) connects individuals, organizations, and transportation providers interested in exchanging information, experiences and best practices about community transportation services in Ontario. The OCTN’s work includes a website, newsletter, directory, listserv, webinars, events, and other online and in-person networking activities. The OCTN is a collaborative Rural Ontario Institute and the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition,) with funding support from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.