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Strategic Planning: From mundane to meaningful

HC Link | 2016

This inDepth resource (also available in French) provides an overview of strategic planning including why, when and how to do it, who to involve, the key elements and what to consider when developing a strategic plan. It offers a simple, clear guide to strategic planning for community groups, coalitions and small non-profit organizations.


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Setting Community Priorities

HC Link | 2010

Presentation includes a review of community priority setting processes, the importance of selecting appropriate criteria, and the need for transparency and community accountability.



Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 4.59.26 PMBuilding Blocks for Community Planning

Ontario's Heart Health Resource Centre | 2010

This presentation proposes a broader context for understanding and addressing individual risk behaviour and community level chronic disease prevalence rates.



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@ a Glance: Program Planning

Ontario's Heart Health Resource Centre | 2007

A review of the program planning process with references to additional resources.






Other Resources & Documents



Planning Health Promotion Programs: Introductory workbook

Public Health Ontario | 2015

This workbook provides a logical six-step approach to assist in planning health promotion programs. It explains what each step is about, why it is important and how to complete it. Examples, supplementary resources and tips will help health promotion practitioners to understand and apply the planning process.





OBCCThumbOnline Business Case Creator Workbook

Public Health Ontario & National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

The OBCC applies a three-step model to help develop a business case for why to proceed (or not proceed) with a particular project. First Assess the strengths and limitations of a project to identify potential risks and benefits; then Analyze how the risks can be minimized and the benefits maximized; finally summarize a 'case' to help Advise various stakeholders and audiences.



The Health Planner's Toolkit

Health System Intelligence Project

The Health Planner’s Toolkit provides conceptual guidance and practical advice on proven planning methods, as well as supporting evidence and targeted research summaries. It comprises seven modules:
The Planning Process (2006)
Assessing Need (2006)
Evidence-Based Planning (2006)
Understanding Integration (2007)
Community Engagement and Communication  (2006)
Evaluation (2008)
Priority Setting (2008) 




Websites & Online Tools


Ontario Health Program Planner

Public Health Ontario & National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

The OHPP is an online, interactive planning tool, designed to help make evidence-informed programming decisions through a series of interactive worksheets. It includes three components: Six Program Planning Steps, Online Business Case Creator and Project Management Tools.


Results-Based Accountability Website

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute and The Santa Fe Policy Studies Institute


Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide  

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute