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HC Link News Digest PLUS - April 2, 2014 - A round-up of resources and other information pertaining to sustainable food systems.

HC Link News Digest PLUS - March 20, 2013 - A round-up of resources and other information on the promotion of healthy weights in Ontario.



Local Sustainable Food Systems: Ensuring food for today & our future

HC Link | 2014

This resource examines the components of the food system and basic principles of sustainable food system development. By engaging communities in developing sustainable local food systems, we can facilitate the efficient use and conservation of our food supply and improve community food security, health, economic stability and the natural environment. Aussi disponsible en francais.



Sustainable Food Systems Part 1Sustainable Food Systems Webinar Series

HC Link | 2014

Part 1: Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems

Part 2: Sustainable Food Systems in a Healthy Communities Lens

Part 3: Organizing to affect your Food System: Food Policy and Action Groups



StrategiesHealthyWeightThumbCommunity-based Strategies for Healthy Weight Promotion in Children & Youth

HC Link | 2013

This resource presents a summary of community-based strategies recommended to address childhood obesity. For each of the four main strategies is a review of the quality of evidence supporting its use. Readers can further explore the academic and grey literature referenced to help inform the development of local strategies.



Other Resources & Documents


HFFA Case StudiesTHUMB

Healthy Food for All

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition | 2015

This collaborative project was designed to increase the capacity of local communities to create and strengthen sustainable local food systems in Ontario. Resources developed to support communities in this work include:

A comprehensive, dynamic on-line toolkit (in English and French)  to assist community organizations and others in creating and implementing comprehensive community food systems plans.

Case studies profiling the local food systems planning process of four Ontario communities.



Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: A Preliminary Analysis of how Canadian Cities and Regional Districts are Involved in Food System Change

Toronto Food Policy Council, Vancouver Food Policy Council & Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute | 2013

Summarizing findings from a cross-Canada survey, this report analyzes the work in 64 local and regional municipalities across Canada and provides a description of the diverse ways in which food policy work is unfolding and organized at the level of municipality, what the key activities are, and what numerous actors believe is their value to municipalities and the food chain.


PROOF 2014report
Food Insecurity in Canada

PROOF | 2016

PROOF is a CIHR-funded, interdisciplinary research program working to identify effective policy interventions to reduce household food insecurity in Canada. Their resources include an annual report on household food insecurity, infographics and a series of fact sheets:

  • Monitoring Food Insecurity in Canada
  • Children in Food Insecure Households
  • Impact of Food Insecurity on Health
  • Public Policy and Food Insecurity




Food Insecurity in Canada

Statistics Canada | 2015  

This short report provides 2011–2012 data on food insecurity by province, income source and number in household.






OSNPPHinfographic thumb
Infographic: Food insecurity is a serious problem

Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (OSNPPH)| 2015

The infographic accompanies the OSNPPH Position Statement on Responses to Food Insecurity. The OSNPPH Food Security Workgroup developed the position statement to increase awareness about the growing problem of household food insecurity in Ontario and the urgent need to advocate for effective responses.



OSNPPHrecommendations thumb


Income-related policy recommendations to address food insecurity

Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health  | 2015

Provides a detailed analysis of three policy areas (basic income guarantee, adequate social assistance, and reducing precarious employment) that address the root cause of food insecurity.






No Time to Wait: The Healthy Kids Strategy

Healthy Kids Panel | 2013

With the goal to reduce childhood obesity in the province by 20 per cent in five years, Ontario's multi-sectoral Healthy Kids Panel was formed to provide advice on how we can keep more kids at healthy weights. The 18-member panel consulted with parents and other caregivers, youth and experts in the field and reviewed the literature and strategies from Ontario and other jurisdictions. This report presents the panel's assessment of the problem as well as recommendations for action.




Models & Best Practices for Building Sustainable Food Systems in Ontario and Beyond

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs | 2013

This comprehensive report discusses local food systems, including economic, environmental and social factors involved in food production and consumption, and how they help to strengthen communities. It describes food initiatives in communities across the province, including farmers’ markets, on-farm stores and urban farms, focussing on common accomplishments, challenges and themes of food systems.

describes food initiatives in communities across the province, including farmers’ markets, on-farm stores and urban farms. - See more at:





Best practices in local food: A guide for municipalities

Association of Municipalities of Ontario & Ontario Municipal Knowledge Network | 2013
The Guide is designed to help municipal governments consider a range of initiatives in relation to the government’s proposed Bill 36, the Local Food Act, and the provincial Local Food Strategy. Specific guidance is provided in the form of best practices and innovative case study examples to help support council decision-making regarding local food initiatives, policies and programs. The Guide identifies the need for commitment to the development and support of local food initiatives in day-to-day municipal operations in order to promote and support local food sectors.  


Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 10.59.25 AM


Planning for Food Systems in Ontario: A Call To Action

Ontario Professional Planners Institute | 2011 

Food systems have long been linked to planning and are a key consideration for healthy communities. A greater understanding is emerging of the importance of planners being more involved in planning for food systems, The Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) has prepared a Call to Action to raise awareness and highlight key issues and challenges that planners and communities can address when planning for food systems.



actionAction Strategies Toolkit

Leadership for Healthy Communities | 2011 

Represents a collection of current best approaches that have been identified, evaluated and selected by Leadership for Healthy Communities and the policy-maker organizations that have participated in the program. The Action Strategies Toolkit contains policy and program strategies in the following 5 action areas related to healthy eating:

  • Quality Nutrition in Schools
  • Supermarkets and Healthy Food Vendors
  • Farm-Fresh Local Foods
  • Restaurants
  • Food and Beverage Marketing




Food Connects Us All: Sustainable Local Food in Southern Ontario

The Metcalf Foundation | 2008

This paper aims to contribute to a broader understanding of food system dynamics in this province. It is intended as a backdrop for discussions on how Ontario could move toward a truly local sustainable food system through collaboration and the identification of key leverage points for food system change. 




Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 11.31.55 AM

Community Food Assessment Guide

Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia | 2008-2009

This guide clarifies the purpose of a community food assessment, identifies key elements and processes, and provides methods and tools.

Community Food System Assessment: A Companion Tool for the Guide - Provides information on potential indicators, data sources, tools and methods for collecting data used in community food assessments.

Resource guide for local governments to promote food secure communities - Provides examples of how municipalities are taking action to strengthen local food systems. The role of Food Charters and other food policy development activities are also highlighted.


Healthy Food, Healthy Community - A Community Action Guide

Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition | 2006

The guide is designed to educate and inspire about community actions that promote food security. It raises many complex issues and challenges in community food security and provides information about many effective projects operating within the province. This guide will be particularly useful to those interested in starting or expanding a community food project.





Nutrition Resource Centre 

The Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC) strengthens the capacity of health promotion professionals and community partners involved in healthy eating and nutrition through networking, collaboration and fostering knowledge transfer and exchange. The NRC hosts webinars, workshops & forums. The webiste houses the NRC Navigator, a free, online “one-stop-shop” with examples of evidence-informed resources in nutrition promotion.


Foodnet Ontario

FoodNet Ontario is a province-wide network of organizations and individuals working together to create sustainable local food systems and achieve (community) food security in communities across Ontario. Its website features a blog, discussion forum, member directory, event listing, resources and searchable program database.


Sustain Ontario

Sustain Ontario is a province-wide, cross-sectoral alliance that promotes healthy food and farming. Its mission is to provide coordinated support for the development of food systems throughout the province that are healthy, equitable, ecologically resilient, and financially viable through collaborative action. The website offers a variety of resources and information on events, including The Food Initiatives Greenhouse - a growing collection of community-vetted food strategies, tools, and tactics organized by initiative where you can learn, share and help cultivate resources to advance food and farming systems in Ontario.


Food Secure Canada

Food Secure Canada is a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty through three inter-locking goals: zero hunger, healthy and safe food, and sustainable food systems. Its website offers information on their three main areas of work: policy & advocacy, community & networks and resources.


Community Food Toolkit

The online toolkit, develioed by research group Nourishing Ontario, is designed to offer step-by-step assistance to people interested in working towards more resilient, sustainable local food systems at the community level.


Make Food Matter

Make Food Matter is a strategy of Nova Scotia-based FoodARC to move research to action in creating healthy, just and sustainable food systems. The website contains an array of resources on four main streams of action – community dialogues, policy, advocacy and social innovation. Users of the site have the ability create accounts and build a personalized portfolio of tools.


Feeding 9 Billion

Feeding 9 Billion, a food security initiative based out of the University of Guelph, provides insight, outreach, & education around issues of food, agriculture & hunger globally. The website features a blog, videos, discussion forums and more.