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HC Link News Digest PLUS - Evaluation
- A round-up of resources and information related to community engagement (March 2017).


Participatory Evaluation Toolkit

HC Link | 2017

The toolkit (also in French) defines evaluation, identifies what makes participatory evaluation unique, and reviews some important considerations for any evaluation. It describes key qualities to make sure your participatory evaluation activities are both empowering and effective, and outlines steps for coordinating evaluation activities. Following this, are descriptions of seven participatory evaluation techniques to help you(re)inform, (re)align, and (re)energize your collaborative efforts.



The Power of Reflection: An introduction to participatory evaluation techniques

HC Link | 2016

This @ a glance resource (also in French) presents a brief theoretical introduction to participatory evaluation, guidance on how to begin as well as three simple evaluation techniques that can be used by any community group or network. It offers practical and adaptable approaches to:

  • inform the development phase of a partnership,
  • reflect on group dynamics and processes, and/or
  • identify results after a project or community event.

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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 1 Introduction 

HC Link | 2011

This issue in the Measuring Partnership Effectiveness series provides an overview of some of the many approaches to evaluating the functioning of partnerships and the work they do as well as some principles that should guide decision-making early on in the process.


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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 2 Tools

HC Link | 2011

This issue in the Measuring Partnership Effectiveness series describes a number of existing tools and resources that can help you evaluate your partnership’s effectiveness. We identify the strengths and limitations of each tool so you can quickly identify which ones might suit your local needs.


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Evaluation @ a Glance

Ontario's Heart Health Resource Centre | 2008

This newsletter explores the importance of evaluation, distinguishes between several types of evaluation, and references additional online resources.





At a Glance: The ten steps for conducting an evaluation 

Public Health Ontario | 2015

This document (also in French) outlines an easy-to-follow ten-step program that will guide you through the process of conducting an evaluation. Public Health Ontario also has the Evaluating Health Promotion Programs: Introductory workbook that covers the ten-step model more in-depth (also in French).


Community-Based Research Toolkit: Resources & Tools for Doing Research with Community for Social Change 

Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services | 2011

The resource provides a detailed description of all the steps involved in developing, conducting and evaluating a community-based research project. Packed with tools and templates. Written with an equity and inclusion lens.


Integrating Evaluative Capacity into Organizational Practice

The Bruner Foundation | 2012

This manual offers concrete ways to integrate evaluation skills and evaluative thinking, beyond the program level, into everyday organizational practice, helping to ensure stronger programs and to support more effective organizations that are better able to deliver on their missions. The Bruner Foundation’s evaluation web portal has many other useful resources.



Building a Culture of Evaluation: 30 Ideas to Apply to Your Organization

Community Solutions Planning and Evaluation | 2010

This one-page graphic offers 30 quick tips for building a culture of evaluation in any organization. Community Solutions offers other free evaluation resources on its website.


Indigenous Approaches to Program Evaluation

National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health | 2013

This paper briefly reviews different types of program evaluation activities and discuss Indigenous approaches and ethical guidelines for engaging in a program evaluation.

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Focus On: Evaluability assessment - a step model

Public Health Ontario | 2018

Evaluability assessments are a method which can be used to ensure a program or intervention is ready for an outcome evaluation. This resource was created to assist evaluators decide whether or not to conduct an outcome evaluation. It is presented as a series of seven steps.





An international collaboration to improve the practice and theory of evaluation by creating and curating information on choosing and using evaluation methods and processes, including managing evaluations and strengthening evaluation capacity. The website is the primary platform for this work and is rich with information to support people to apply new knowledge to their particular situations, and to share their experiences and further contribute to learning how to do an evaluation better.

Community Tool Box 

KU Work Group for Community Health and Development

In Chapter 36: Introduction to Evaluation, learn how to develop an evaluation plan, identify stakeholders' interests, and conduct a participatory evaluation. The Community Tool Box also has an Evaluation Toolkit.


Evaluating Community Impact


Offers a body of knowledge, resources and tools focused on both Evaluation Planning and Outcome Evaluation to help you to assess the impact of your community change work. The Evaluating Community Impact Community of Practice brings together practitioners who want to connect, share, learn about, and hone their evaluation approaches and tools.


Ontario Nonprofit Network

ONN is leading a Sector Driven Evaluation Strategy to change the system so that it addresses evaluation questions that really matter. It aims for a system that makes it easier, more rewarding, and less stressful for nonprofits and their partners to do meaningful evaluation work. The ONN website offers a number of helpful resources, presentations, podcasts and blog posts.


Results-Based Accountability Website

Fiscal Policy Studies Institute

Also see the Results-Based Accountability Implementation Guide.


Youth Research and Evaluation Exchange

YouthREX provides the grassroots youth sector and youth-led initiatives with leadership support necessary to develop and implement sustainable evaluation practices. The website has information about its customized evaluation supports, a free online course and evaluation framework, an inventory of youth-friendly and open access measures to evaluate youth programs, as well as the Evaluation Toolkit for Youth Programs.