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HC Link News Digest PLUS - September 25, 2013 - Highlights some recent news and views pertaining to the francophone communities and French language services.



Getting Started With…Planning French Language Services

HC Link | 2016

This short resource stresses the importance of offering services in French and lists a variety of resources that HC Link has developed on the topic of working and engaging with Francophones and delivering French Language Services.






How to Engage Francophones...When You Don't Speak French!

HC Link | 2016

This issue of @ a glance explores, in three simple steps, practical ways to meaningfully engage Francophones even when you do not speak French. Common pitfalls as well as keys for success are also outlined. French version.





First Steps to FLS Planning

HC Link | 2015

Planning to deliver French Language Services (FLS) can seem overwhelming, particularly if your organization is new to working with Francophone communities and delivering services in French. This resource is focussed on how to start planning -- and ultimately delivering -- services in French. 





Finders Keepers: Recruiting & Retaining Bilingual Staff

HC Link | 2014

This issue of @ a glance covers three important steps that improve an organization's success in maintaining bilingual staff: recruiting bilingual employees, retaining them and developing strategies to keep them in the organization. The resource is part of HC Link's series aimed at building the capacity of organizations to deliver services in French. French version



Creating a Bilingual Organizational Culture

HC Link | 2013

This issue of in depth provides an overview of HC Link's seven-step model to develop a bilingual organizational culture and profiles practical examples from organizations that have had success in this area. French version.



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Working Together with Francophones in Ontario: Part 1 - Understanding the Context

HC Link | 2012

Part of our @ a glance series, this brief resource describes Ontario's Francophone minority and the context in which they live. This resource is also available in French.



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Working Together with Francophones in Ontario: Part 2 - Legislation and Institutional Support

HC Link | 2012

Part of our @ a glance series, this brief resource describes the rights of Francophones in Ontario and the institutions and legislation in place to support those rights.



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Work Together With Francophones In Ontario: Understanding The Context And Using Promising Practices

HC Link | 2011

Even when an organization has good intentions, collaborating with Francophones in Ontario can be difficult if good practices and an understanding of the social context and community background are not part of the equation. This 70-page guide aims to provide the necessary understanding and to help you build successful practices. This resource is also available in French.



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Engaging Francophone Communities

Ontario's Heart Health Resource Centre | 2010

This newsletter provides an overview of the importance, purpose and process of engaging Francophone Ontarians in community health planning. The report provides important information on the unique health and social challenges experienced by Ontario’s Francophone residents, and provides information about the French Language Services Act, and its implication for health planning initiatives in designated French Language Service Areas.


Additional Resources and Documents



Adding French to your English Event

Health Nexus | 2018

The Health Promotion French Language Services Capacity Building Committee created this resource on how to incorporate French into your English events. The resource contains a number of tips and ideas, based on the experiences of committee members. Also available in French.




HC Link Materials from Past Learning Events

View our past webinar webpage for a listing of HC Link slides, recordings and other materials from past events on ths topic.