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HC Link News Digest PLUS - February 2016 - a round-up of resources related to Partnership Development.

HC Link News Digest PLUS - May 2014 - a round-up information pertaining to Intersectoral Collaboration.

What Successful Partnerships Do: A series of practical guides

The 3-part series was originally developed in French.


Planning for Partnership

HC Link | 2017

This resource defines working in partnership and the various levels of working in partnership. It provides an overview of the essential requirements for putting a partnership in place and details some activities required for dynamic and effective partnerships.


Effective Meetings

HC Link | 2017

Meetings can be an efficient way to disseminate information, obtain feedback, or make collective decisions. This short resource offers advice on the necessary components of effective meetings, broken down into three simple steps.


How to create a functional, effective advisory committee

HC Link | 2017

Putting an advisory committee in place can be a good way to involve and engage the community in your organization’s work. This basic guide will help community organizations use best practices for creating advisory committees as an element of supporting community engagement.


What Successful Partnerships Do: 6 Key Activities

HC Link | 2017

Today, more and more organizations are being called upon to work in partnership, and so having capacity for developing and maintaining effective partnerships has become necessary. This factsheet outlines 6 key activities of successful community partnerships.


Getting started with...Partnership Development

HC Link | 2016

Working with community partners often allows us to accomplish more than we could working on our own. This resource provides a brief overview and selection of resources, websites and other materials to 'get you started’ in developing partnerships.

Partnership webinar 3 opening slides

Collaborative Partnership Webinar Series

HC Link  | 2015

This three-webinar series explores the six activities of effective partnerships, featuring collaborative leaders and members from across Ontario.

The Genius of Partnerships: New relationships & diverse perspectives within a common vision

An Eye on the Vision, An Eye on the Road: Working together for change



Partnership Development

HC Link | 2009 (revised 2015)

This resource covers several concepts related to community partnerships - including various levels of partnerships, conditions for success - and explores measures that can be taken to maximize the efforts of your partnership.




Governing for Partnership Success

HC Link | 2010 (revised 2015)

This resource describes a variety of governance approaches and models and provides practical suggestions for choosing a structure or form that will support the initiatives being undertaken by your partnership.




Terms of Reference Builder

HC Link | 2014

Having a Terms of Reference is an essential component of working in groups. It outlines things like the scope of the group's work and the responsibilities of members. This Terms of Reference Builder is intended as a place to start when developing your Terms of Reference.



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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 1 Introduction 

HC Link | 2011

This resource provides an overview of some of the many approaches to evaluating the functioning of partnerships and the work they do as well as some principles that should guide decision-making early on in the process.


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Measuring Partnership Effectiveness – Part 2 Tools

HC Link | 2011

This resource describes a number of existing tools and resources that can help you evaluate your partnership’s effectiveness. We identify the strengths and limitations of each tool so you can quickly identify which ones might suit your local needs.


Exploring the Constellation Model of Governance

HC Link | 2011



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Models & Elements of Collaborative Governance

HC Link | 2011

This resource supplements information found in Governing for Partnership Success, expands on governance theory for collaborative groups and profiles the structure and functioning of a sampling of governance models and frameworks


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Network Mapping

HC Link | 2011

This resource provides a brief overview of the uses and process of network mapping.



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Case Studies in Partnership Structure & Governance

HC Link | 2010

This webinar builds on the work of the Governing for Partnership Success and focuses on the need for flexible governance structures and processes which encourage the application of generative, fiduciary and strategic governing styles.



Other Resources & Documents


The Partnering Toolbook: An essential guide to cross-sector partnering

Partnering Initiative | 2011

The toolbook offers a concise overview of the essential elements that make for effective partnering. It contains seven tools to develop, sustain and assess inter-sectoral partnerships. This easy-to-use guide includes helpful strategies, flowcharts and tips for working with other agencies to build and maintain partnerships, along with partnership development tools.


Partnerships Analysis Tool

Vic Health (Australia) | 2011

This resource is designed to help organizations develop a clearer understanding of the range of purposes of collaborations, reflect on the partnerships they have established and focus on ways to strengthen new and existing partnerships by engaging in discussion about issues and ways forward.


Community Partnerships Resource Guide

Quality Improvement & Innovation Partnerships | 2009 (amended 2010)

This toolkit describes several levels of partnerships and provides a six-step process for partnership development. It also contains an extensive list of links and resources for further exploration.



Partnership Self-Assessment Tool

Center for the Advancement of Collaborative Strategies in Health | 2008

The tool provide a measurement of the key indicators for successful collaboration and level of synergy. It can help partnerships understand how collaboration works and what it means to create a successful collaborative process; to assess how well collaborative processes are working; and to identify specific areas to focus on that can improve the collaborative process.


Creating Welcoming Places Workbook

Community Activators | 2004

This workbook was designed to help any group assess its current welcoming capacity and make plans for improvement. When members feel welcome, and their individual skills are being utilized and appreciated, groups can sustain their membership and achieve goals.


Working in Partnership: Recipes for Success

Wild Rose Foundation | 2001

This resource from Alberta, provides a comprehensive framework for partnership development, as well as useful tools to assess an organization’s readiness to partner, identifying potential partners, creating partnership agreements, as well as implementing and evaluating partnership initiatives.


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Intersectoral Action Toolkit

Health Canada | 2000

This toolkit was designed to introduce some practical ideas and actions to help ISA teams in meeting the journey's challenges. Two real-life examples of ISA collaborations are provided, as well as a Tip Sheet.





Community Tool Box

Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas

The Community Tool Box is a free, online resource for those working to build healthier communities and bring about social change. It boasts 46 chapters and 16 toolkits that provide practical, step-by-step guidance in community-building and partnership development skills. Two of the Community Tool Box’s toolkits are particularly relevant to partnership development: