HC Link Supports Inclusive Practices & Partnerships in Ottawa

A Conversation with…
Valerie Assoi, Community Engagement Worker, South East Ottawa Community Health Centre

The first service I received from HC Link was a consultation. HC Link consultants, Patrick and Gillian, referred me to resources and services that could support my work. The consultants also helped me with whatever other requests for service I required. For example, they connected me with someone to help with planning and facilitation of the strategic plan for the crime prevention steering table that I chaired. HC Link constantly supported me in each of my requests for inclusive processes and research.

My goal was to bring the Collaborative Leadership in Practice (CLiP) program to Ottawa, in order to reach out to the untapped English and Franco-Ontarian organization partnerships. It was such a neat experience because they helped deliver the French version of that program and it was refreshing to see that it was possible, especially since I work in Ottawa and bilingualism is certainly an important element in my work. 

The way I introduced the CLiP program was through a full partnership with HC Link. Together, we built a partnership between South East Ottawa Community Health Centre, HC Link, City for All Women Initiative, and the Assemblée de la Francophonie de l’Ontario (AFO). I found the partnership to be smooth and efficient. The fact that I could speak French with HC Link’s bilingual consultants was valuable for me. To be able to have some of my community’s residents benefit from these partnerships in their first language strengthened the links and improved my community engagement outcomes significantly. 


With HC Link’s support, we have been able to launch the Collaborative Leadership in Practice (CLiP) project in Ottawa in collaboration with our local partners. Most notably, we have been able to connect with the French-speaking community of Ottawa. ValeriesStoryPic2

As a result of the strong partnerships we built, since the completion of the CLiP project we have developed collaborative trainings with AFO. I was involved in the design and facilitation of these workshops, specifically how to design a communication strategy for community engagement work in French. This was only possible because of the very first connection we were able to make with HC Link. 

Now, because of this support, we have become experts in inclusive partnerships and are progressing at a wonderful rate and building on the resources that we had before, such as the No Community Left Behind initiative. Even though HC Link is closing and we will not have opportunity to work with them anymore, we can make it a priority to take the initiative in making something similar happen. Thanks to HC Link, the connection has been made and we can now sit down with the AFO and other relevant partners to talk about how we can continue to collaborate together and continue delivering positive work. 


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