Come join us for our “What successful partnerships do” series starting in September 2017.

This is the second part of our successful partnership series. We began the series in June through a webinar in which we touched upon key issues and strategies for building and maintaining successful partnerships. 

This fall, we’ll move into a more interactive stage: first, registered participants can use an online discussion board to tell us what challenges or questions they currently face when dealing with partnerships. Then on September 26th, Andrea Bodkin and Gillian Kranias will host an interactive learning exchange & information session that is completely customized to address the questions and concerns registrants sent in. 

What Successful Partnerships Do: Learning Exchange

September 26, 2017
1:30-3:00 pm EDT

What you can expect from this learning exchange:

  1. Structured conversation lead by HC Link staff

  2. Expert advice and opinion by contributors

  3. A chance to build upon the ideas and challenges you face

  4. Discuss around effective application of the 6 Key Activities for dynamic and effective partnerships.

Register today to start getting the most out of your partnerships.

Missed part 1 in June? No problem! Get up to by speed by watching the recording or this handy 2-page recap, which covers the topics we touched upon in webinar such as:

  1. Challenges organizations face to maintain strong partnerships
  2. Insight on how to define and achieve common goals
  3. Our 6 key activities on how to achieve dynamic and effective partnerships