Do you find yourself working in partnership more and more? We can all benefit from simple ways to think through and navigate the complexities of partnership. The 6 activities for dynamic and effective partnerships provide a simple framework that you and your partners can use to work well together. Over a series of three online events, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect, learn and share on partnership work. Following each online event, you’ll have access to individual coaching from HC Link Consultants. Your partnership can also access tailored workshops and facilitated sessions in your community to help your partnership mobilize, set direction, and take action.

By the end of this series, participants will:

  1. Discover new strategies and activities to overcome common partnership challenges

  2. Access practical tools and resources to strengthen your knowledge and your partnerships

  3. Learn from the stories of others working in local partnerships across Ontario

  4. Recognize how to apply equity and inclusion principles to your partnership work

  5. Identify an action plan to move forward with your partnership efforts

*Note - You must register for each event seperately*

What Successful Partnership Do: 6 key activities

June 19th 1:30 -3:00 p.m. ET

In this webinar, Gillian Kranias and Andrea Bodkin will present the “6 activities for dynamic and effective partnerships”. You’ll reflect and share how your partnerships apply these activities. We talk about new tools from HC Link, then you’ll provide input into the content for the next two online events.

September 14th 10:30-12 and September 26th 1-2:30

These sessions will be developed in response to the needs of participants as identified in the June 19th webinar. Gillian, Andrea, and “Advisors on Tap” will respond to your challenges and barriers to working well in partnership. We’ll present simple tools that you can use to enhance your partnership work. You’ll also hear how community partnerships are achieving success, and be able to share your own achievements.