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Social Media at #Sundance

Late last week, I sat in on an keynote lecture with director Ondi Timoner, the only filmmaker to have won the Sundance Grand Jury Award twice. Timoner shared her experiences as an emerging, and now successful, filmaker. She stressed that social media has become game changer: "it's no longer good enough to produce a really good film. If there isn't a team supporting it online, it doesn't really matter". I immediately thought about the barrage of tweets I saw regarding Fire in the Blood, a critical favourite at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Some further digging revealed how Sundance Institute is using social media to better connecct with audiences, and is encouraging the use of  social media to democratize film submissions.

We're working heavily with social media to bring the festival to people who can't be here... - Sundance Film Festival

That technology and the Internet has changed how interact with each other was a theme in Timoner's film "We Live in Public" but it has also changed how she herself engages with moving images. Rather than continue to focus on long format documentaries, she's embraced a changing landscape and is currently working on web-ready content, concentrating on a 5 or 10minute introduction of stories. The current emphasis is on innovators and entrepreneurs – many of who are responsible for shaking up how we use the internet. To get a learn more about some of the brightest minds in tech, take a look at Total Disruption.

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