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In the News - February 2012

This is the first in a series of posts highlighting what's been in the news on various topics of interest to HC Link and anyone interested in Healthy Communities Fund priorities. I may not cover all priorities in each post -- it will vary depending on what's in the news.


Substance and Alcohol Misuse

The big story of the past while has been Ontario's decision to de-list OxyContin, a prescription painkiller, from the drug benefit program because it is commonly abused. OxyContin's new replacement, OxyNEO, designed to be harder to abuse (it resists crushing and so on) was also delisted. Several other provinces have followed suit.

The theory is that this will make it harder for people to acquire the drug, as presumably fewer pills will be prescribed and therefore in circulation. However, high addiction levels in some populations have some people worried about mass withdrawal or whether those populations will simply turn to alternative, potentially even more dangerous drugs.

Sample news stories:

Other substance- and alcohol-related health promotion news:

Mental Health / Mental Health Promotion

Some initial studies suggest ketamine might work very quickly on some people's depression:

Other mental health / mental health promotion stories of interest:


Injury Prevention

Aside from the usual raft of warnings and food/toy recalls this month, there's been increasing attention paid to concussions:

Other injury prevention stories:

And my favourite thought-provoking piece this month:


Healthy eating

No major stories recently, but here are a few interesting bits:


Physical activity, sports and recreation

Winter doesn't seem to be a prime time for stories in this area. Still, some items of interest:


And last, some light amusement:

A.J. Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me

"For a full year, A.J. Jacobs followed every piece of health advice he could -- from applying sunscreen by the shot glass to wearing a bicycle helmet while shopping. Onstage at TEDMED, he shares the surprising things he learned."



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